Google Classroom

ATS are offering FREE Google Classroom Setup!

ATS are offering FREE Google Classroom setup for schools on our embedded support contracts.

Google Classroom  offers a one-stop platform for facilitating digital production, workflow, and communication between teachers and students and is part of GSuite which is FREE to all schools.
Although this can sound like a daunting task to setup ATS can help you take the first steps and guide you to taking full advantage of the platform’s resources.
If you are already on the path to implementing Google throughout your organisation, we can help you protect your data and get the best experience for your users.
Benefits of Google Classroom include
  • Enables dynamic and engaging lessons even when schools are closed
  • Timesaving – Schedule Posts, Homework and Lessons
  • Accessible anywhere on any device

  • Registration and setup of your school domain with GSuite
  • Population of GSuite with Staff and Student Accounts including Classes
  • Optional 1 Hour Staff Training and Q and A session available at additional cost


Students can share resources with each other and interact in the class stream or by email. Teachers can also quickly see who has or hasn't completed the work, and give direct, real-time feedback and grades.

Google Classroom is one element of the GSuite Collaboration and Productivity package.
If you would like to discuss Classroom or Gsuite in more detail please call us on 020 8306 2002