Home Users


Adults, children, entire families use PCs at home to connect with friends, book holidays, do homework and shop online.

Should your PC start running slow or develop an issue that you can’t fix, ATS can offer affordable check-ups and repairs.
Simply visit our offices between 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm on Saturdays; or arrange a home visit from one of our technicians. We can even collect your PC and return it for £20 including reconnection (not including repair charges). All technicians are DBS checked.

Our most commonly requested service for home IT users is the PC health-check, ensuring that your computer is running at optimum performance and free from viruses, spyware and scareware.
  • The full list of checks involved in the health-check is below:
  • Take backup image
  • Clean case internally using air compressor
  • Remove temporary files
  • Removal of any viruses, spyware and scare ware
  • Check-disk and defragment all hard drives
  • Perform critical windows updates
  • Check storage usage, (e.g. not more than 90% used)
  • Check memory usage, (e.g. not more that 50% at idle)
  • Check device manager for missing drivers
  • Clean case externally using form cleaner
  • Clean laptop screens using wipes