Privacy Policy

We have created this page as a starting point for any GDPR or privacy questions you have for us as an it services and installations provider

Our full privacy and GDPR notice can be downloaded here.

In order to comply with GDPR we know that many of our customers are reviewing their policies and ensuring their suppliers and contractors have completed the same process.

Our school and business customers are particularly looking for information surrounding our duties when acting as a sub or data processor for their organisation (the data controller).

Our obligations to you in so far as we act as a data processor under GDPR, unless legally compelled are:

• That we will obtain the customers (data controllers) written consent before sharing data with any 3rd party or sub-processor.

• Ensure that our protections are maintained and recorded by any sub-processor.

• Take all appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure confidentiality and data security, and document those on request to the controller.

• Process any personal data only to the documented instructions of the controller.

• Remove or return all personal data collected by the controller to the controller upon completion of our contractual duties.

• Assist where appropriate with subject access requests received by the data controller.

• Make all necessary information available to the controller to demonstrate GDPR compliance.

• Report any instances or suspicions of data loss or breaches within 72 hours.

In our duties as a data processor, no personal data collected by a controller who has engaged our services will ever be copied to our servers or infrastructure. Our engineers are under strict instructions never to copy, delete, or move personal data from a customer site or network without explicit written consent.

Personal data we collect on you as part of our duties will be kept in accordance with our own GDPR, data retention, and data security policies. Copies of our policies are available on request to our customers.

We hope that you find all the information you need on this page or within the privacy notice linked above. However, if you have any questions please email us at or call our office on 020 8306 2002.